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The Summit logoWINDOW TRIMS

An impressive choice of PVC quadrants, angles, rectangles and Dee moulds. The majority are available in white and colours.

Window Trims

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Full set of white and colours in 12mm and 17.5mm profiles


A popular 22mm Scotia trim ideal for softening the angle between two surfaces.

Rectangles and Batten

Two sizes of rectangle and a batten profile that emphasise the framing of a window or a door while hiding any gaps after installation.

Edge Fillet

A subtle covering profile for masking the join between the window frame and the wall.

Dee Moulds, Skirting & Architrave

D Mould Profiles that are ideal for hiding the joint between two flat surfaces. As the name suggests, both edges are tapered off to provide a soft finish to the joint.
Flat and sculptured profiles for architrave around doors and for Skirting


A full range of angels for a multiple number of applications. Some are purely cosmetic, others are essential for covering gaps and irregular angles.



Four outstanding offers on our classic range of thermally efficient and highly secure composite door sets. Prices include frames and furniture. Request a Quote Today

NEW! Superdeep 170
The kayflow Superdeep170 Gutter System

The all new Superdeep170 from Kayflow is super tough and carries over 5x more water than Kayflow Deep.