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Flood Light into Your Home with an UltraSky Rooflight


Whether it’s for a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom the UltraSky rooflight will be the perfect stylish solution for you.  It reduces the need for a chunky roof ridge and maximises the amount of glass that allows light to flood into your room.

The thermal performance has been optimised to make it suitable for extensions in domestic properties. Typical U value with 1.1 glass for a 1000mm wide x 2000mm long rooflight is 1.4W/m2K.

SIZES  The UltraSky rooflight is available in a number of bespoke rectangular sizes ranging from 1m x 1.5m to 2m x 4m.

COLOUR OPTIONS   Choose the stylish White PVC option to match your modern window frames, or for that extra “WOW” factor go for the Aluminium option, available in White, Anthracite Grey or Satin Black. Internally the rooflight is clad in white PVC or upgraded to anthracite grey or satin black to either match or contrast the external finish.

GLAZING The highly thermally efficient glazing options will help reduce heat loss and noise pollution, whilst letting the desired amount of light into your room. 

EXTRAS Add a roof vent to let in the fresh air – Roof vents are available with a manual opener, automatic opener or an automatic opener with rain and temperature control.

* (roof vents only available in selected sizes).

UltraSky Brochure


The UltraSky rooflight is stunning, enhancing any style of property, traditional or modern alike. 

Thermally efficient
Maximum uninterrupted sight lines
No need for structural beams or major roof reconstruction

White Frame


Grey Frame


Black Frame