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PVC Cladding is an excellent way to cap off the ends of a canopy, construct the sides of dormer windows or the soffit of a large porch.

PCV Cladding provides weather protection and increases the thermal insulation of the building.  Summit Cladding comes in a variety of colours and textures, including wood grain effects and gloss finish.

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A traditional shiplap profile in 100mm and 150mm sizes. Colours are available in 150mm.
Fixing centres: White = 600mm max; Colours = 400mm Max
Ventilation gap behind profiles: White = 25mm recommended, Colours = 50mm minimum.


A modern Open V plank style

Starter Trims

A standard wall starter for the first cladding panel and a starter with a batten cover leg; essential trims to ensure a secure start for the lower edge of the clad panel. A drip trim completes the set.

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One Piece Trims

A universal edge channel, a corner trim and a centre joint trim are available as one piece units for use where the ends of cladding panels can be inserted into the fixed trim.

Two Part Trims

Two part trims give greater flexibility in installing an area of cladding. Trims available in white and colours for Edge, Corner and Joint applications.

Joint Cover Trims

Joint cover trims shaped to fit individual profiles. This allows cladding planks to be offset from each other, allowing efficient use of available plank lengths.


Angle ventilators positioned at the base of a clad facade to prevent larger insects and birds from accessing the ventilation void behind the cladding panels.



Four outstanding offers on our classic range of thermally efficient and highly secure composite door sets. Prices include frames and furniture. Request a Quote Today

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